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From friends you know and people you've never met, abuse comes in many forms. Maybe it's a nasty comment. Maybe it's an insulting posts. Maybe it's writing "**** U ****" to your replies.

So what do you do if someone is being mean to you online? Cry? Sit there and take it? No. You survive. You prevail. Here's how to beat the trolls.

Take threats seriously

Look, if someone threatens you with physical harm via the internet, go to the police. No matter what. No exceptions.

But if things are less severe...

Take it offline

If another member is being a jackass on the Internet, try to hash it out off the Internet. As magical as it is, the web just isn't a good way to express sincerity. Odds are, you two will misunderstand each other online and exacerbate your spat. Just bury the hatchet face to face.

Tattle on them

It's easy to talk **** online. And it's just as easy to whine to the authorities about it. There is shame in telling on people in kindergarten, or in the mafia. But not online. Snitching is just a tool in your belt, not a sign of weakness.

Every post can be reported directly to the mods.

You will not bully, intimidate, or harass any user.
You will not post content that: is hate speech, threatening, incites violence; or contains penis.

It's extremely easy to report stuff you don't like.

Ignore it

The moral high road isn't fun, but if it were, it wouldn't be so moral and high. It might be satisfying to see your foe banned Harassing posts? Ignore them. Rude PMs? Ignore. Petty comment? Ignore. The silent treatment is the best way to make a troll bored-and when they're bored, they'll move on in search of a better reaction.

Seal yourself off

Block and delete. Block the infringer.

Fight back

And then, there's this. The counterattack. This is risky, and perhaps even ill-advised, but a troll can be shocked into submission by the power of your own typing. My car slow? No, your car is slow, and we all know why your parents got divorced. Oh, I'm an idiot because I support [Vendor]? Here's an educated, 500 word explanation of how you don't have your facts straight.
Mic drop.

Shut up.

Posting an embarrassing picture? Cool! Here's a video of you moneyshifting into 2nd.

Is this petty? Yes. Will it potentially make your situation exponentially worse? Yes. But is there a perverse joy in fighting it out online? maybe when the mods arent looking-it's in the web's soul. Just be ready for a long engagement that publicly degrades everyone involved.

Just meet them and Kick his* ass

Neither E46fanatics nor I as mod endorses the use of violence. But, if you've been digitally assaulted, and you choose to take the conflict offline as recommended above, there's an outside chance your civil discussion could escalate. Someone, hypothetically, could get punched in the neck/balls. That can get some results! Caution: Consult a lawyer.

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