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Originally Posted by JRoss22 View Post
I don't know if you are serious about it being a bargain or just trolling trying to be funny

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No not at all. Im sorry if I sounded rude when I said bargain, but that meant in comparison to the mark 6 I bought for 3 grand and the Z for 3.5. I wanted a couple horns for a gig but my king super 20 alto needed work beyond repair (someone I let borrow it for a gig bent the body and neck.) Intonation was off and projection,and I had a gig in a week and a half so I was desperate to find a horn and planned to fix the super 20 in the mean while. I played some intermediates but I needed some more projection so I just decided to purchase another horn altogether. Later on I decided to get a custom Z soprano since I was doing doubling gigs more frequently and the beginner horn I had wasnt making the cut (it didnt even have an engraving lol)

These are great horns for a great price and while I was looking If I came across them I would've bought them and saved myself spending so much too soon if you know what I mean? That was what I meant to say. With that said GLWS
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