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Rust is one of my favorite colors, Merc! I'm just not seeing it. Mostly, I think it takes the eye of that hot babe that wants you and gets her wasting her time looking at your yellow/red/black/silver/green/pink/woodgrain calipers. You've got a whole fn bmw right there...with you in it. Why build a distraction?

Your goal is to make your car look nicer for other guys? Not me, thank you! Well, whether it's guys or gals you want, it's distracting them.

With my matte rust finish, one can take in the car/wheels/driver in one fell swoop.

Is all this caliper painting going on to make your car look nice for meets? If so, I understand. I think it's silly, but I understand.

In maybe 5 years or so, when an e46 comes to a meet, I think it will get a far better reception the more authentically e46 it is. Maybe that's just me. Probably is!

I saw a 507 a 3.0csl (think that's right)...gorgeous cars from the factory...and they were that way last year. I love that look because I think it shows good stewardship.

But, I'm trying hard not to sound like a hater. I understand you who view the car as just an appliance and you want to spruce it up.

Okay...I'm done...just telling you guys what you'll think in about 30 years or so!
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