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This is my favorite thread. Here we go, you know you're an E46 Fanatic when:

1) You know to ask Dmax, Solidjake, and E46Mango for all your maintenance needs

2) You know to ask SollyD, MarkM, and CollinsE90 about your romantic relationships dilemmas

3) You get annoyed when girls ask "wow, a bmw? what color?"

4) You felt the uncontrollable urge to remove your SAP

5) You find yourself on going "huh, so that's how much my rear seat sound insulation weighs!"

6) You see a girl in the New Members sub-forum and think "fellas, please please don't mess up this one!"

7) You go to the dealership and request part #xx-xx-x-xxx-xxx

8) You only use BMW High Performance Synthetic Oil because you know the M52/M54 was designed to work with shear strains that fall between SAE 5w-30 and 5w-40

9) You miss Jeremy Clarkson's road test of the CSL on the Isle of Mann on YouTube. You don't care about the one from "Hot Metal"

10) People: You have a BMW? It bet it's fast!
Secretly to yourself: I have a M52tuB25, it couldn't out-drag a mobility scooter

11) You see a "Best CAI?" thread and think "This guy has no idea what he's in for"

12) These made you laugh


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