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Thanks for the thread.

Had been suffering burnt oil smell when stationary. Could see oil stains on the rear Ex manifold cover. Did my VCG today. Found the culprit, 2nd bolt back from rear was really loose. Decided to replace VCG anyway. All went well ... could not believe how hard the gaskets become. Had a hell of a job digging them out of the cover. Pieces kept breaking but finally got it all out. Used 3 Bond Super Sealer No.2 Red High Temp RTV Silicone on the joins as described.

BTW, my 325 is 2001 model and had the bolt-down coils with an earth strap on both #1 and #6 coils to the corresponding valve cover bolt (one of the 15).

TIP:- Stuff a small piece of rag in the spark plug holes and drape rags around when undoing coil nuts and earth strap nuts to avoid dropping them into hard to get at spots. Also three of the spark plug gaskets remained stuck to head and needed rags around as I broke these free. They split into many brittle pieces and I didn't want any to remain in the engine or down the spark plug holes.

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