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Originally Posted by venk25 View Post
Well, yeah .. I know ...

Don't all the mechanics/dealers have a fixed labor time for a specific job... ? Guess this was like that. The guy told me, before I went, that it will be 1.5 hour labor and I had agreed. My other independent mechanic and a couple other places I called quoted me over 2 hours of labor for this job @ $100/hr.

In fact, I've had cases where some 4 hour work was needed in my car, but the car was ready 2 hours after its dropped off, and I was charged for 4 hours ... maybe 2 persons worked on it ...
Dang. 1.5 hrs seems like a lot for a professional to do this. You're probably right though, I bet they charged you a flat rate.

Next time come here for some peer pressure and we will encourage you to DIY. It's a great feeling to complete work and the resources here are just awesome.
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