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Arrested tonight, Cardsfan bailed me out! (THANK YOU BROTHER!) 1k bond at midnight!!! Car impounded, 5 tickets all traffic. No front plate, no rear mirror no rear plate light (lie), no insurance (lie). Turn signal broken, took me to jail held me at a 1k bond. Like 4 people walk in with felonies during the time I was in booking. All leave before me on some 200 dollar bond? Guy came in for a DUI was there for a whole 45mins?! They tow the car, sun roof was deleted as of noon on saturday.. ****ing pours the entire time I'm in jail. Long story short.. no front plate, drivers side turn signal out, no rear view mirror 2300 dollars. I was 2 houses down from my driveway, going to the gas station (1 block away) to get a six pack at 7pm when it's LIGHT OUT.

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