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Symptoms of dying DMF?

Got a 2001 330i which I love and adore. 85 000 Km (= about 53 700 Miles) on it, so not bad!
When in idle, if I depress the clutch, there's a distinct rattling/vibration just an inch or so from the floor.
When starting from a standstill, I really need to work the clutch, otherwise the car tends to stall or jump, as if it's not quite catching the power - I can't really "blast off" but have to ease off the clutch until I get some speed. This only applies to first gear though.
I sometimes get RPMs oscillating up and down, especially when in reverse, sometimes in idle.

Have tried to figure out what's causing this for a year, recently my shop had a new idea: Replacing the DMF + Clutch. It's a bit costly, so I just want to make sure that this is the most likely cause? Thanks in advance folks!

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