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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
How long have you had the car and how long have you been driving a manual?
Haha.... I'm European! So manual. For... eh. 23 years.
PO was my father, he's not big on drag racing.
I don't linger on the clutch, I'm always taking care not to, but if I don't in first gear with this car, the acceleration "wobbles" or "bounces", stalling is not quite the word. Hard-to-describe phenomenon.

Various repair shops have been consulted, and they agree the problem is THERE, just not about what to do with it. The latest idea with the flywheel seems PLAUSIBLE, but the cost of that little opration is around 1700 US, not something you'd do just to see if it makes things better.
They claim that the vibration when holding the clutch close to the floor is a dead giveaway for a worn-out flywheel, and that putting in a new flywheel+clutch combo will solve all my problems, and cure warts.
Main problem I guess is finding a mechanic you can trust.

Thanks for the tip though!
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