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Originally Posted by RGuill96971 View Post
replace all plugs and coils

Yes lets just throw parts at it without properly diagnosing it.

Spark plugs I would change first, since you stated your not to sure how old they are to begin with. once the plugs are in clear your codes and start/drive your car. see if anything changes or if any of the codes come back. Dont go replacing all the coils because someone said to or you THINK its a problem. miss fires can be caused by so many things.

If the plugs dont fix your miss fires and your not to familiar with diagnosing the vehicle or have the equipment to do it, take it to a shop that can get it fixed for you the first time. in the end a 1 hour diagnostic charge at the shop will be cheaper than replacing all coils. And hopefully if its a good shop they will have it fixed the first time properly.

But if you have money and dont care about the shops, then be my guest and go changing all coils and see what happens.

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