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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
How long have you had the car and how long have you been driving a manual?

I have 236 miles on my original clutch.

Something about the way you described your issue makes me think you're holding the clutch at the engagement point and giving it gas slowly so it doesn't stall...and that itself tells me that you should probably give it just a tad more gas and lift up clutch pedal sooner. Don't linger on the clutch.

Rattling like you describe sort of sounds like throwout bearing...but it could just be the clutch...maybe yours was replaced with a lightweight one by PO who wanted to drag race the car or something?

My guess, though, is that you need to get used to the clutch a bit more. No insult intended, btw. I've been driving manuals for almost 40 years, so I think everyone needs more practice! LOL

lawls. I think you have the record on all E46's for least amount of miles on the original clutch Dmax! A HAH AH AH HAH .
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