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Probably not, however, I doubt it has much impact on pump lifespan.

The problem is the pump is running 100% of the time that car is running. Not really a mileage item, it is an run hour item. You sit in traffic at stop lights, stop and go traffic, you do not accumulate miles, however, you accumulate run time on the pump.

The pump is a DC brush type motor and the brushes and armature just wear out over time along with the motor shaft bushings. After about 6-7 years and 60-70k miles just as a point of reference if the car is a garage queen, you are likely on borrowed time.

There may be some truth to some of the earlier pumps maybe lasting longer?? Maybe there were more than one supplier??

But for $120 it is not worth it to me to be stranded and walking.

You can see just a few posts up what happens when you are not prepared for the pump to fail, $500+!!
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