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Originally Posted by BimmerKid37 View Post
I have a 04 325i, I recently had my windows tinted professionally and now my passenger window is in bad shape. The service guy promised that it was a bad window bushing. It just seems like bad timing to me because no other window has any problem.

What happens- I roll the window down, it makes more of a popping sound a third of the way down and two thirds of the way down. When I roll it up, same thing happens as well and it sounds like something is resisting it. And once it is all the way up, it makes a snapping sound when it is all the way up because it is on the wrong side of the seal. If it is pushed gently it goes right up it to the correct spot.

My predicament is, does this sound like the company that did my windows fault, and demand they fix it, or is this a common problem, and can it be somewhat easily fixed?

Help is much appreciated.
No, it sounds like your window regulator is broken, and unles they took out the window, they probably had nothing to do with it. They break all the time on e46's. Google window regulator zip tie fix and fix it temporpermanently(I made that word up), or replace the regulator. Some of our sponsors have them for as cheap as 50 bucks without a motor (which you dont need). It takes probably about an hour to fix (I just did both mine this weekend). I would just be VERY careful with your freshly tinted windows becuase the window does get moved around a lot during this fix...
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