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Originally Posted by 330Cole View Post
By logical reasons do you mean cost of parts, maintenance, and reliability? Insurance too?
The E46 M3 is a bit crude. The motor makes most of its power up top, and while you can reduce the rasp, you are really reducing a characteristic of the car.

They need valve adjustments, their Vanos' can and do fail (bolts, hub) and the Vanos costs $1200+

The bodywork is a touch flamboyant for many as well (E46 M only). Insurance is higher and many parts cost roughly 2x as much. M3s seem to "break" just about as often as non-Ms, but when they do you're typically in for a much higher bill.

Also, they don't have that much torque or get up and go below 4k RPM or so, and the gas mileage isn't great.

A turbo 330 will have more horsepower and torque (WAY more torque), cheaper insurance, a lower cost for average maintenance, and pretty much untouched gas mileage versus a stock 330. The gas mileage difference is pretty significant. My average is 17.5 city/32 highway. In an M it would be (and has been- driven many) more like 16 city/25-26 highway. Now, to support a turbo, you really need perfect brakes, stainless lines, up rated pads, a limited slip and a subframe reinforcement, so the cost of entry would on average be higher than just buying an M. To me- the extra is worth it.

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Get out and walk. Meet people.

It will change your life!
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