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Originally Posted by Alex323Ci View Post
*sorry i typed that earlier but took a phone call and by the time posted it you had already put another post in.
The M3 does not "need" this other subframe reinforcement. but yes they do still get fractures. the LS rear diff carrier design is more friendly to the subframe mounts. non-m + FI is a torn subframe..period.
A ESS, TT FI kit basically maxes out where the M3 starts. An M3 Stage1 91 octane HPF kit makes like 515 Hp. Now that's a base which will spank and thus humiliate where the M54 runs flat.
The S54 is such a better power plant than the M52/M54/M56 there is no comparison. There is a good reason it won the International Engine Award and Best Engine 3L-4L category six years in a row from 2001-2006. We're talking a completely street and 50 state smog legal engine that makes over 100Hp per liter.
oh and it makes it's maximum torque at 4900rpm which is not high compared to it's 8,000 rpm redline.

really you're gonna site one guys built turbo 330 against stock M3s. like i said, there are loads of HPF Turbo kits on M3s. where his is maxed out, those others are at the beginning stage of applicable engine improvements. look up HPF M3 Turbos. that mean little M54 won't be doing any fish frys, but rather get itself burned if it goes up against any M3 that have like mods.
Haha. The TT Stage 2 on pump gas is estimated to make 450rwhp. That is for around $7000. Started where the non M ends? You have 450hp N/A? Because if you don't, and M3 + FI is more than a non-M + FI.

Sure the M53 doesn't go up to 1100hp, but the HPF kits are rather useless for high speed street/track driving, with limited to no control over their absurd power band. An ESS kit would be a better comparison. Using HPF as the benchmark shows how little you know, or maybe how far you're willing to go to fail at proving some new point that you are attempting to make. The comparison was between a relatively similar price range, which is a non-M (330) + FI vs an N/A M3.

The very thing that makes the M3 capable of producing more power F/I (cast iron!) also makes the motor an absolute boat anchor for an I6.

Honda made a 50 state legal engine N/A engine with 120hp per liter that didn't have $800 hubs exploding and bolts backing out. It was put in the S2000. I do like the S54, but is not the be all end all of motor technology. I find the S65 a more impressive motor by far.

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I hope technique tuning spends all their money on R&D.

Their website would've looked substandard in 1999, their return policy is worse than some eBay sellers', and the kits have no warranty.
Research the kit more before you open your mouth.

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