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Yes, my workbench is a mess.. Lots of projects going on at once around here.

I was able to remove the splined steering shaft. The reason that I removed this is so that I can machine it down to a smaller diameter and install a weld-on type quick release.

Starting with the steering column removed and laying on your workbench.

Remove the tamper proof torx on the side of the column.

Use a light hammer to tap the lower tube out of the main aluminum housing. Tap on the welded-on bracket that bolts to the dash bar.

The lower telescoping shaft is keyed to the main shaft so it's safe to separate them. Note the general orientation of the two shafts though.

Remove the locking ring from the steering shaft where the steering wheel was connected.

Use a rubber mallet to gently tap the shaft out through the front of the column (towards the steering wheel). There is a bearing that is permanently installed on the splined end of the shaft so be careful to not damage it. (I'm re-using this picture just to show you where to tap to remove the shaft - You will hammer on the right section to push the shaft out through the front)

Then obviously cover the bearing with something before machining or welding.

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