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Garage cleaned out
Shop lighting installed
Got the car yesterday
Drove like a grandma for 65 miles
Drove twisty canyons for the next ~95 miles
Changed oil to Rotella T6 since UOAs on M54s were the same as or better than LL-01 oils and it makes the valvetrain quieter. I substituted one quart of oil for 1 quart of Redline D4 just to remove any possible varnish. The top end is just a bright honeyed yellow, but I cannot inspect the pan. My tech offered to do work on the side and made an offer. He will install any oil pump and pickup I want for $800 flat. That's a helluva deal since the AWD means to drop the pan you drop the FCA's, axles, subframe, sway, etc. He also said the shop was incredibly irritated that my car was on the lift for so long and there's more he wants to do with the S/C, possibly pro-bono since he, like myself, is OCD about the work he does.

WOT runs revealed peak boost of 6psi and AFR at WOT of 9-10, which seems rather rich. Idle and decel are perfect in smoothness with zero codes and no knocking. Though admittedly my mech hooked me up with quart bottles of the octane booster he uses for racing, and a 5ml sample of that mixed with 91 pump (all we have available at 4500ft) sent to my friend at the University had an effective octane of ~97.

The piping is rather elaborate, and I have no doubt that some of my pressure loss can be attributed to that along with catless headers. At idle, the ECU seems to try and get the AFR to approach stoich since it bounces between 13.5 and 13.9 with the 90mm pulley. I haven't tried the 85mm, but I have zero doubt that it will go on today or tomorrow. I'll also probably bump the LC-1 volts to .750 at 18:1 since the car IS running quite rich (12-13 at light load, 9 WOT, 13.5-13.9 zero load) and I have a meth kit on order.

Purchased the AEM 1 gallon injection kit yesterday along with an extra check valve and filter plus tee plus 90 degree elbow plus 90cc/min injector for the pre-compressor injection. I got two aluminum bungs from Summit and found three shops in the area that do aluminum welding. Since I don't have the CD changer and my Dynavin has ipod integration, I plan to mount the tank and pump where the cd changer goes, wire the controller under the steering column, put the indicator LED next to my gauges in the vent, and the kill switch in the coin tray under the armrest.

I'm getting the Dinan transmission software is about 1.5 hours from right now.

I don't have any pics of the engine bay since it is a COMPLETE mess right now. But I do want a before and after for what I do to it. It looks incredibly incomplete because the shop basically told my mechanic to have it finished yesterday or get no other jobs on the side while he thinks through problems.

I also have the white vinyl for the roof rails, I think it will really tie the body together.

And with the white 1080 came a sample of 1080 brushed steel vinyl. I have a strong, strong urge to wrap my wood in brushed steel. But I do love my wood. I can't decide! D:

And a teaser from last night:

AA Stg2+ 325xiA? Are you stupid? Maybe a little.
I can program cars fo' freeee near Salt Lake City. PM for details.
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