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Many times. I even priced it at the BMW dealer as a trade in for an e92. But just couldnt pull the trigger. As AC2007, I have a beater mazda for the days when e46 gets grounded. But everytime I drive the mazda, I feel like kicking myself to get back in the e46 though.

And with so many new spare parts in the trunk(RSMs, RTABs, CCV, OFHG, VCG, boots, filters, all kinds of bolts, clips and washers, coolant, distilled water, a quart of oil, tool box set, detailing supplies) I just cant give up on my e46. Yes, I have all those parts in my trunk, waiting for a right time to replace them. Just cant allocate time for all that at once. I'd rather drive my coupe in the winter than a beater though. Heated seats FTW.

By the way, I am looking to get rid of my beater mazda and get an xi or jetta for winter.
My coupe will only be replaced by another bimmer coupe, may be a z4 or an e92.

But I have a deep desire for Jaguar xkr. I might pull the trigger on selling all the cars and be satisfied with that beast. Until then my little coupe is going to stay.
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