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Ceiling missing!
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@OP, it isn't that serious to spend 3 grand to freshen up your cooling system and car. And I've seen customers bring over GRAF's, makes me tear up inside. Before I install them, I always give them disclaimers and liability warnings on my end haha. I'm not another stewart bandwagon guy, but I did it to see the huss and fuss it was alright. Didn't notice anything but I do like the lifetime warranty. I have worked with cars with barely any mileage and at 53k give BMW some credit, the car won't fall into shambles. I've worked on them at 200k mileage!

So don't be intimidated about owning a BMW, it isn't THAT serious. Now it doesn't hurt to keep a couple bucks laying around for repairs if the expansion tank explodes, for the fcabs give out, or the ofhg, etc. Nothing personal, I just feel the prices were a bit exaggerated earlier.

I have yet to seen an entire cooling system fall apart at 53k yet...

Hell, even sometimes aftermarket parts can fail before the OEM ones leaving you assed out regardless. Seen it a dozen times.

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