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Originally Posted by Alex323Ci View Post
Umm, the TT Stage 2 Turbo kit says it needs a new head gasket for the compression ratio(tearing into the head), needs 93 Octane gas(not 91!) and makes 375 rwhp NOT 450 rwhp.
I don't even know what you're talking about with the M53
Oh and btw..Do you have/had a Supercharger or Turbo on your E46? How about a Limited Slip Differential on an non-M?? How about owning an E46 M3??? Well...guess who has had all of the above and has first hand knowledge on this. That's right ME! think maybe I know something now? *rhetorical question

According to M3 Project Director Siegfried Friedmann, BMW engineers researched a silicon-impregnated aluminum block (as used in BMW V-8 and V-12 engines), which would not require liners. But they became convinced that a cast-iron block could best sustain the engine's high cylinder pressures and very high piston speed at maximum rpm. (Current Formula 1 engines attain piston speeds around 25 meters per second; with 24 m/sec. at its rpm limit of 8000 rpm, the S54 is very close.)

We are talking about the M52/M54/M56 engines vs the S54.
That's a whole other topic and not in this discussion. You'll get no disagreement about how good that Honda engine is from me.
I misspoke about 450rwhp, it is 450hp. Which is far more than your engine puts out if it is N/A. It is close to 400hp without the head gasket change.

I am about to get a built LSD with the reinforcement from Maximum PSI, both upper and lower. I know a guy with an N/A E46 M3 who had to re-do a reinforced subframe due to failure, the changes in the M3 subframe were not enough to make it immune.

I have been in many FI E46s and have settled on TT when I have the time and the money to back the turbo. I have the money for the turbo now, but that's not close to enough.

BTW one area I don't know very much at all is the advantage of the M diff and axle size, so I'd appreciate it if you'd provide the information; PMd.

While I have not owned an E46 M3 personally, I have driven around 15 of them and we had one in the family for eight years which I drove regularly, and serviced. I know most of the ins and outs of the E46 M3. Just because you made a certain decision does not make it the best one and certainly not the right one for everyone. That's the whole point I am making. Things are not black and white, they hardly ever are.

By the way, a supercharged 323 is not the equal of a turbocharged six speed 330, at all. You're right, the 323 runs out of options where the M's options begin.

I never said anything about V6s. So I deleted that whole part of your post, wasn't talking about it.

Compared to the M54, the S54 is way stronger, more advanced, and much, much heavier. Not disputable.

I have nothing but respect for the design of the S54 as a race born street motor, but because of that it has maintenance costs which I was and am not willing to assume at this point in my life. I have done thorough research to the effect that the TT 330 would not cost me as much to maintain. Not entry cost, maintenance cost.

I sold one ZHP and was seriously looking at E46 M3s, but because I am not at a settled point in my life, I decided the S54 was not worth its drama. Which it has. Being an S54 owner you have to know that- so don't deny it.

And M53 was a typo. I'd take that typo over your awfully lated out post which was extremely difficult to read, so I apologize in advance if I missed anything.

Originally Posted by ac_2007 View Post
Is there something about owning a ZHP that makes their owners condescending pricks?

Bottom of the page, no warranty:
Yes, I am condescending because this forum is full of regurgitated information. It comes from owners who have far too little experience regarding a given subject to really speak about it at all.

I disputed your /thread type of answer which is totally unfounded. You'll find the aftermarket companies that offer warranties are extremely limited and often disappointing, as modifying a used vehicle is a tricky business that the owners of these companies really should not assume responsibility for. You clearly know little to nothing about the kit, so don't act like you do.

I did not dispute what you said about the warranty. Research the merits of Nick G before equating his kit to something that came off of eBay.

BTW anything you have bought that was not OEM or OE BMW probably said "For offroad use only".
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