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Originally Posted by DannyDownUnder View Post
Is it worthwhile trying a new ASC/ABS module ? as they are fairly expensive. What are the symptoms of a faulty asc/abs module ?

Thank you
The same thing happened to me about 4 years ago, I got EML, TC and Brake light (yellow), engine went into limp mode. It happened in hot weather and once the engine heated up the light would go on. Turned out it was ASC/ABS control module and Throttle Body dying. I had no choice but to replace cost $3,800AUD ($2,300 for ASC/ABS module programmed and $1,500 for new throttle body).

ASC/ABS module has to be programmed to your car by a dealer as the immobiliser and all other crap runs though it, so it's not a DIY fix.

I hope this isn't the cause of your problem, but based on my experience I'm guessing it most likely is.

On the side note, the ASC/ABS module apparently developed a hairline crack on the circuit board, and as the engine would heat up it would expand severing the connection between resistors which would make the dashboard light up like x-mas tree. Also this caused the throttle body to short circuit and die (based on what the Stealership told me).

Good luck.
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