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Originally Posted by Dirtboy View Post
Hey Radar, have you installed the DLS speakers yet? I've never heard of them and I'm shopping around for front speakers for my e46. I've got Polks in my e30 (MS8, JL amps in there too). I just want to go a different route with the e46 and get as much mid-bass as possible in the front doors. Your thoughts?
I really had a hell of a time getting the sound I wanted from the multiple amps and ms-8, to be honest. I didn't have the time to dick with it all, so I just lived with it for a long time. Then I saw a trick on how to manipulate the ms-8 during calibration, and "viola!", instant awesome!

I think they are good speakers. I would love to hear them as a set, with the OEM crossovers in a drop in replacement setup...just to see how they sound as delivered from DLS, you know? I'm kinda using the drivers a la cart due to the ms-8 and separate amps running the mids and tweets.

I think I liked my CDT silk domes better than the DLS tweeters, but it's so hard to say because my setups were/are completely, completely different for each. The DLS mids put out copious amounts of bass though! I actually turned down my bass, if you can believe that! Lol

I'm very happy now, but the install was a bitch. If you can find some drop in replacements that have a good rep, you may want to go that route. If you do go with the DLS, have lots of watts, they are very low efficiency.

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