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Originally Posted by choxor View Post
This isn't a Civic. These cars are pretty well optimized from the factory. If you want actual gains you're going to have to shell out the cash.

Originally Posted by DHK View Post
No offense meant, you may well know how to drive a high reving car but... A lot of people who want to increase power don't understand how to apply what they already have to the road anyway. These aren't muscle cars they aren't going to feel fast in normal driving conditions. Their real power band is the 4500-6200 RPM range, I think a lot of people are afraid to drive their cars like they are meant to be driven.

And this.

Originally Posted by dmax View Post
If you want an impressive gain, push the right pedal down further. Works for me every really does.

Techron and gummi pflege is all you need besides this little trick!

You're welcome!
And this too, maybe coupled with downshifting a gear or two.

If you drive like a granny, e.g. never go over 5k, (or the previous owner did), throw a full bottle of Techron in a 1/2 tank of 93 octane and go beat the everloving crap out of it on some back roads until you need more fuel. Did wonders for my Z4 after it sat for 3 years in the PO's garage. Idled far better and the butt dyno said it was faster. Techron didn't do much for my 323i though, I'm assuming because I've driven it hard the whole time I've had it, as well as the PO, going back to ~60k miles.

Otherwise, headers are about all you can do for cheap. Only other NA mod I can think of that gives good gains are ZHP cams. ($$) Non OEM intakes have actually been known to decrease power. 3.46 diff is good, but not actually a power gain; it just changes how the power is put down. Still not a bad idea though.

Edit: Oh, and the M54B30 intake manifold is a pretty good option too, for the 2.5L.

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