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Originally Posted by zhp43867 View Post
The tuning would interest you the most? Why don't you do some FVCKING RESEARCH. This is not a new kit. The software has been covered. It is extremely solid. Nick G is also known for fixing bad FI tunes provided by companies like Downing Atlanta and VF. To reinforce the point (due to your lack of reading comprehension), the ~400hp version of the kit does NOT require internal work.

I am not justifying anything to myself, I made a choice. I sleep fine at night. Who knows, I may not even do the turbo. I decided against an M3 (though I could have one for the money I had for my car) for the aforementioned reasons. It really seems to shake you to the bone that I don't consider the M3 god, nor do I wish I had one every time I fire up my car.

I'm waiting for Alex to come back and for you to leave.

Stop wasting my goddamn time.
No warranty, no care. What don't you understand by that numb nuts?
@ the notion of your time being valuable. You make your point like a 3rd grader writes his book review.

U mad bro? The survey says:

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