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Damn glad to hear you had fun.. its always cool to see a new person getting into auto-x..

and for the first 5 or so races.. don't worry about where you place.. just make sure your having fun.. and that your using the techniques that the instructors were telling you to use..

a few pointers to throw in for ya.. yes you need to look ahead.. if your entering a turn you should look at the end of the turn.. i know it sounds strange.. but if you look there you'll end up just putting the car right where it needs to go..

try to move the steering wheel as little as possible.. because every time you move the wheel your scrubbing speed.. so just try and get the wheel to the right angle for hte turn.. then back to straight..

and finally.. always brake in a straight line.. so break before the corner.. this will definetly help controll your understeer problem.. i know the understeer of our bmw's ALL TOO WELL.. i went mod crazy dialing it out.. now my car is very nuetral maybe even a tad bit of oversteer in it now... but its great..

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