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The e46 is an ancient car now. They arent worth sh!t anymore and yes cars are cheaper in different areas. Bargain m3's up by you may be rust buckets because of snow. Cars last longer down here...and the roads are good so suspension components last longer because its so flat here. Id never drive a northern car.
Salt air ain't good for our cars either, and they don't easily rust unless you never clean them. Humidity and heat/sun destroys florida cars, I wouldn't prefer one to a Northeast car.

I like cars from the VA/NC/SC and California the best, condition wise.

Bargain M3s are not bargain M3s. Buy one and you'll realize, "shiit they were right." But I really don't give a fvck, I'm done with this thread, all the tools came out of the woodwork.
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here today, gone tomm

i spend it while i can, if i run out i'll swallow all my meds
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