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Originally Posted by scrace View Post
go test drive some cars, take your e46, you'll figure out you're true feelings quickly.

Mine was that I love the e46 but didn't love my car...now I own an e46 m3 (I will keep this car until I die, I'm 23). A well maintained e46 is a timeless car.

I've had the M3 for 9 weeks now and I still can't believe I own it. I get nervous every time I turn the key...I arrive everywhere excited and jittery. It feels like doing something you weren't suppose to as a kid and getting away with it every time.
I felt this way with my 2004 Cobra but that thing is long gone. When the repairs start on your M3 you may feel differently. I just bought my E46 in February and already have the thoughts of selling it. My current problems have been or are currently on-going:

I have to fill up the low coolant once a month...so something is leaking.
The power steering reservoir/line is leaking.
Passenger side and back doors won't unlock.
Fuel pump went out.
Blown drivers side back tire.
Bad front control arm bushings.
A/C started blown warm air today.
Bad passenger window regulator.
Windshield washer pump.
Headlight washer pump not working.

This all has started since February.
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