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Originally Posted by Dirtboy View Post
Thanks for the heads up. I'm not going with a straight drop in speaker. I want to build the baffles and mount the speakers to the doors. I may just have to go out and try to listen to different speakers and see what I can find.
What's the MS8 setup trick you discovered? I got tired of reading through the novel on DIYMA.
Now, you may have more door space, and therefore options with the non-vert...I don't really know about any except mine.

Ms8 tip (and I agree about the novel...Jesus!):
Before the first "look straight ahead" sweep, I covered the front tweeters. I just folded a washcloth, put a piece of duct tape on the top and hung it over the tweeter. As soon as that first sweep is done, remove them for the rest of the cal. Until you do the passenger side, then do it again the same way, etc. for each seating position. But only for that first quick sweep.
I thought my polarity was off, or an amp was jacked...I didn't know what was up, but it sounded like a transister radio instead of a 1000w+ multi amp, high quality system. Did the trick and I swear, it cured everything! Had to turn down the bass on my ms-8. Crazy how sophisticated that box is, huh?
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