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Y'all say you want pics, so I am here to deliver. When I get under the car this afternoon I'll try to get pics of the intercooler return piping. It's incredibly tight. I made a video from the top in the meantime.

The intercooler in an Mtech bumper is simply gorgeous. There was no trimming, no fitment issues, nothing. As far as IC and S/C oil cooler go, it was pretty smooth sailing.

Of course, part of the reason it went so well could be because my tech looked at the brackets supplied with the kit and laughed.

The piping, as expected, is where things got tricky. Due to the space limitations imposed by the front subframe/swaybar and trans heat exchanger, the normal piping wouldn't fit. I mean space is pretty much zero.

So instead, he used the S/C output in an interesting way. The output wraps around the front bumper support beam on the outside and meets the intercooler with the 90* elbow pointed up and towards the driver side fender. This confused me, as it meant the filter would no longer fit. Luckily, he was on top of this. Using some creativity, he plumbed the filter just behind the front brake duct sort of. It is slightly exposed to a 'crosswind' of sorts, but if I can find another filter with a slightly more aggressive offset, the brake duct should fit back in with some trimming, hiding the filter from the outside world. Of course, this also means hiding the filter from fresh, cool air. I may leave some hole in the ducting to supply it with at least some cool air.

You can sort-of see the compressor output behind the larger inlet piping.

I had to artificially 'enhance' this image so you could see the S/C output into the intercooler, and the somewhat exposed filter.

When people say that space is tight.... they mean it.

I need to move the S/C traction fluid filter lower and behind the intake manifold as well as play around with hiding the LC-1 and wiring. One downside to the kit is the longer injectors. They are necessary, but they make the engine cover not fit quite right.

With the kit, the distributor is mostly useless. My tech wants to use the spots for nitrous. I Have feelings on the matter that I haven't quite resolved yet. I'm not sure if I could get small enough (small in power, not physical size) foggers, for one.

I'm not sure what exactly AA's kit shoots for in terms of AFR at idle. If the vac number seems low to you, remember I'm at 4500ft elevation.

Now for a few INPA screenies for the tune. I cleared adaptations when I had to redo the trans software, and I've kept it below 3k revs since clearing adaptations and plan to basically treat the cleared adaptations as a new break-in period. In no particular order:

INPA is sort of derpy. Some of the readings in Celsius I believe are actually the numbers for Fahrenheit.

I have a lot of fluid changing and engine bay detailing left to do. The engine bay got 4x dirtier than when I dropped it off because the street right outside the shop is being completely redone.
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