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DIY: The Definitive SAT NAV Removal & BMW AUX Install

When I first attempted to do this DIY, I had a horrible time trying to get the NAV unit out and couldn't find a thread detailed enough to give me the piece of mind I was not going to break anything.

Exact AUX I bought from:

Exact AUX Cable I bought

Tools Needed:

Philips Head Screw Driver
Flat Head Screw Driver or Small Pry Bar
2 Nail Files (I bought mine at CVS for $4 each) or something similar honestly after trying to make my own tool out of a clothes hanger and using a knife these worked the best.

This is what I laid out before starting.

Step 1: Remove passenger side trim.

I started 2-3 inches from the left side and pried up with a nylon tool.

Then moved over a couple more inches and found one of the orange clips.

I continued to pry until the far right side popped off and remove the piece. The last rivet on the left will not pull off (at least in my case it did not pull off) so I have to slide it to the left until it unhooked from the rivet head. (see step 2 for more details)

Step 2: Remove trim piece above NAV unit.

This is what the start of the NAV unit trim should look like.

Now notice how the passenger side trim piece slides over top of the rivet head.

I just pried this off and broke a clip on each side of the trim, if you turn the orange piece 90 degrees it will come out as the holes are elongated (longer vertically, than horizontally)

BROKEN CLIPS on center trim

Also, a friction fit clip in the middle of the trim.

I left the drivers side clip on at first because I was scared of breaking something, later on I just said f it and pulled it off.

Step 3: Remove center AC and NAV Unit Screws

4 Locations

Step 4: Remove AC Vents.

Apply firm pressure to both sides un an upward direction. I had to use both hands the pictures are just an example, I had to use one hand to hold the camera. You'll hear two tabs free themselves from the clips on the bottom and then it will just come right out.

I then turned vents upside to get the brackets out of the way of the NAV unit coming out. This is also where I decided to remove the top trim.

Step 5: Removing the NAV unit.

Hit the CD load/eject button so the unit opens. You have 15 seconds until it will close again, when it starts to close hit the button again and it will stay open, do this until it stops trying to close, it took me 2 trys.

Now place your nail file into the two bottom corner locations until the NAV unit loosens up. Once this happens push from the back of the unit towards the front, it will slide right out once you have the clips free.

This is what my unit looked like from the bottom after it slid out, I didn't remove the nail files yet. The clips on the sides will move towards the unit when they are released, so when you move the nail file out they will spring to the outside.

Step 6: Find AUX connection that is described in the instructions that come with the unit.

Remove the it from the tape, best way is with a flat head screw drivers, and to scrap the tape off the connector.


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