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Step 7: Run the NAV side connector up through the slot on the top left side of the glove box. I just pushed it up and I could easily see and grab it with my hands, needle nose pliers might help if you're doesn't feed up so easily.

Look there when feeding it up, the blue and yellow piece, it will come up to the right of it.

Step 8: Plug the connector in and then zip tie the connection to one or two of the other wire looms there. I did not use any other zip ties just so I can move around the AUX cable without removing my NAV again. I pushed the remaining AUX cable slack down behind the climate control unit. Put the unit back in after taking out the tools you used to pop it out. Tuck the wire looms to the left side of the unit and make sure it's not pinched anywhere.

Final Product

All put back together

This AUX cable is perfect to fit in the cracks of the glove box, it's flat not round, by far the best cable I've seen for $5. Also, nothing is really holding the AUX cable from BMW in place the wire loom holds pretty well on the sharp plastic in the glove box, and you can barely see it.

I ended up not using any of this...but might in the future.

Things not necessary that I saw in other DIYs, if you do it this way
Removing the glove box
Disconnecting the battery
Disconnecting the NAV unit

Also, you stick the nail files in these two places. I can't add anymore pictures to the original post.


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