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Originally Posted by rkneeshaw View Post
Just completed this repair on both my front windows. The DIY were very helpful.

I went with URO aftermarket regulators and installed the zip tie fix on them before I even installed them, just to ensure I dont have this problem in the future. Everything went together well. There is only one slight difference I noticed after the install: when I roll the windows down all the way the top of the window used to sit flush with the weather stripping. Now the window stays above the weather stripping by maybe 1/8". Not a big deal, just something I noticed. Its crossed my mind it might be due to the extra tension on the cable from the zip tie fix, or it could just be a difference between the OEM and URO regulators. Regardless, i've got working windows and I'm a happy camper
I noticed the same thing when I did mine. The fix is supposed to be after the window is in you remove the motor but don't unbolt anything else.

Then you manually push the window down to where you want it to bottom out . Then reinstall the motor at that point.

I tried this but the window wouldn't budge. I think it's the aftermarket regulator I bought. I have a 325. Maybe its for a 330? Not sure if they are the same or not. Or maybe it's just poor quality.


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