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Ok- this was super easy. Here is what I had to do. I have a sedan. I don't have folding seats.

1. tools

T-50 Torx on socket
13mm socket
something to remove your speakers (mine were already aftermarket/different screws)
something long and skinny (not your cack) to pop rivets
flat head
trim popper
needle nose


Remove rear seat by grabbing from under the front and pulling up. It should come out pretty easily.

Remove center headrest. I was able to get mine out just by pulling up.

Stick your hand between where the rear seat hits the doorframe and pull forward. It should pop out, repeat on the other side.

Remove the pop rivets along the front edge of the rear parcel shelf.

Move the other two head rests all the way up

remove the caps covering the baby seat anchors and remove the 13mm nuts

remove your rear deck speakers.

Pop out your c-pillar lights by wedging them out.

pop out your c-pillars by popping them out, just given them a yank.

once you have removed the rivets, stick your trim popper under the front lip and lift up slightly until you can see the headrest posts. You will be able to see the they are held on by c-clips. Use your needle nose pliers to pop the rings off and remove the head rests.

now, everything should be lose except for the seat belts holding everything down.

unscrew the bolts holding the seat belts using the t-50.

now, slide the rear deck forward, it should just slide off - with the seat belts still attached the to deck.

remove those t-50 holding the deck on, and viola, your rear deck should be out.

it took me 25 minutes.

good luck!!
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