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jesus christ mango what are you doing here rambling about a refresh costing over a grand that has to be a joke right? your bolts and washers must be costing 3 bucks a piece at the dealership at those prices. you gettin raped boy lol

op my cooling refresh with stewart water pump for parts costed less than 400 bucks and all installed for about 100 bucks and a little elbow grease with my friend. at 53k your suspension will need zero attention maybe your fcab might have a 1 or 2 cracks 250 bucks max installed. my vanos costed 55 bucks for parts and 100 for labor helping my friend once again. my whole car was refreshed for under a grand so please please dont listen to mango he preaches things to scare off new owners when really find a good local mechanic .

consensus here is mango prob takes his 10 year old car to the dealership and pays 115 bucks an hour for labor if it costs him even 4k to refresh his car. i bet i have more aftermarket parts and upgraded cooling parts than 99% of e46's on this forum and everything still came in under 2k

my stewart pump silicone hoses ati damper shrick cams new refreshed cooling system and upgraded interior and exterior parts maybe 4k tops

mango if you were so anal about a perfect car why didnt you buy a car with zero miles?

youve spent so much money and dont even have rims or tint on your windows. sounds like your bs-ing

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