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Cool car! I love the exterior color and while the gray interior isn't my first choice, it fits your car well. The OEM nav is cool too. The mileage for that age is pretty remarkable as well. Unfortunately after a decade of being in existence, I would prepare myself for the usual e46 maintenance items, as others have already stated.

A friend of mine had an '04 330i, just like mine, M-Tech I and all. He had only 52k when he bought it and it already had a leaking valve cover gasket, oil filter housing gasket and a cracked and worn out CCV. He was also already getting annoying vanos rattle. The cooling system would definitely be on my mind. It's nearing what some consider to be the end of it's useful life and it is a decade old. I'm not trying to scare you though. These are normal e46 maintenance items. I get a certain serene pleasure out of working on my car and getting a job done correctly, so there isn't anything to really be afraid of here.

Can't wait to see what you do with the car!

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