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Jezzz. Everybody relax.

Op - fantastic looking car! I hope you enjoy it. There's a lot of good info and support here to keep your new BMW in 'tip top' shape. It is certainly true that the dealership simply won't address all of the known areas on the e46 (for a variety of reasons).

I remember a few years ago when I had a power dip / dropoff at around 3k rpms. Indy shop suggested new DME flash. I was still under warranty. Local dealership refused to do the work, and, gave me famous 'can't reproduce'. I ended up taking tech, and then Service Manager for a ride. At one point, when I demonstrated the dip to the SM for the 3rd time, he blurted out 'how that hell did you ever notice that???'. I wasn't sure what to say, other than 'I pay attention, and like cars???'.

They did the reflash. Issue gone

Anyway - take care of your new BMW, and it'll take care of you!

ps - if you want to really show your ride your love - keep an eye on VANOS (it's most likely already failing - seals issue), and FCAB bushings. Both of these are fairly subtle issues if you're not familiar, and give big 'bang for buck'.
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