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I have an ECIS intake system with a universal K&N oiled filter (long, narrow filter). I upgraded the foam around the top of the heat shield with some thicker stuff to better seal off the box. In 95F ambient temperature in downtown Birmingham (major heat index with the newer asphalt, reflective buildings, etc.), I was reading a whopping 140F while sitting at a red light, surrounded by cars. At roughly 55% throttle (approximation), it dropped to 110F. Soon enough, it dropped down to 97F.

I have an opening from the engine bay to open air below the car. I was thinking of making a custom-fit duct system to drop down to my bumper to get even cooler airflow while traveling. My only hesitation would be water channeling up and into the intake bay. Of course, I could be absolutely paranoid about that, but I dunno.

My car is a beast for a 330i with what minimal mods it has. I don't rightly think a ram air duct would do a whole lot for it, but sometimes I get that, "I NEED MORE POWER!" mindset and get all these crazy ideas. For example: I would love to toss a set of Forgestars on it (my calculations estimate that would be the equivalent of freeing up 25 HP), toss on a set of Schrick cams, and do a single 3" exhaust all the way back (and still retain my AC Schnitzer muffler somehow). Rebuilding the engine would be a plus (new pistons, piston rings, valve stem seals, etc.). I've also thought about a VAC Stage 2 cylinder head, but I just tell myself to get real and focus on keeping my car's maintenance up to date.

And I'm done rambling.
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