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Transmission light

Last week I got the transmission light, I was at a stop light in park foot on the brake. I felt the car jerk forward and I looked down and saw the tranny light was on. At this point i was actually only 100 yards from my house so I drove home shut off the car and started it back up and the light went away and it drove fine until today when it happened again under the same circumstances(except this time the SES light came on and stayed on). Turned into a gas station, shut the car off, turned it back on to get the light off and get me out of the fail safe mode and as I go to pull out the gas station the light comes back on. So I just drove across the street to Advance Auto to have them scan the code. (On an unrelated note I have the PA Soft scanner but my DME and EGS are listed as not found so I can't read the codes for them) And they got the code P0721 which is for the Output Speed Sensor which I googled for and from what I've read it means either the sensor is bad at the output of the tranny or the sensor is fine and is detecting slip in the tranny. I've never noticed slippage so I'm assuming(and praying) that its just a faulty sensor. So basically I'm wondering if any damage could be done by driving it in this condition until I can get it back to the dealer later this week? I've been putting it into park when I stop for any longer than a few seconds as it only seems to happen when I'm in gear but stopped.
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