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Originally Posted by Bdave View Post
Crazy? How? Why? Lots of people drive their cars long distances. A turbo car not in constant high boost should not have any issues. Especially a fresh HPF build that John has gone over. We all know the driveablity of an HPF car.

WV? West Virginia? I think he is driving to MD, Maryland.

nnacpil, your interior rocks! Get the Cinnamon shift boot and e brake boot from Leatherz! Those two items really make a huge difference.
I dont know HOW you kept your leather looking so nice. perfect matte finish and so so clean.

BTW, what IS a nnacpil?
I'm staying in Chicago tonight at my cousin's place. I would definitely hit you up for the breakfast but time constraints (to the guy offering bfast lol)

Bdave, I actually live in Morgantown, WV but my plates are registered in MD bc my parents live there and there's no tax on the car. That is why ppl think I'm driving back to MD but really only to WV.

The car has performed great throughout our trip since we left Portland. As long as you aren't in boost all the time, the car is a highway warrior as my friend (co-pilot) likes to say.

As far as the shift boots, if you look at the OP that Chris posted, I have custom cinnamon stitching on my shift and ebrake boot. I think to complete the cinnamon interior, I will buy a cinnamon center armrest. Interior as been cleaned and conditioned by Leatherique.

nnacpil is my name. N is for my first initial for Noel and Nacpil is my last name.

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