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Originally Posted by albeee View Post
Oh lord, you can tell Kalim just looooooves the attention.

Originally Posted by albeee View Post
Kalim's car needs a new interior. I can see the mediocrity through the glass.
I think he should keep the tan interior, but go to Recaro Sportsters and heavily bolstered rear seats with no middle seat, all in OEM leather.

Originally Posted by Wes View Post
M3 interior swap?
Nothing swaps from the coupe to a sedan. The seats can fit, but then you have seats with tilt handles.

Originally Posted by cyberkaa View Post

Could have really used a hand today.
I knew it was a bad idea to pull section 3 of the exhaust. That beast wouldn't go back in. Had to put the car away without it.
Still haven't started on Joseph's car.

On the bright side, the clutch is back to working normally.
I would have liked to help some more

But I needed to spend at least some time this weekend relaxing, and I was getting progressively dirtier and hungrier as the weekend was going on.

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