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EAS and some really GOOD guy in Gwynedd, PA. Vodyk.
Here is a giant thread on his M5 SMG work. he does M3 CSL too.

Dont ever use ESS tuning. they are 600 bux and I am not even sure its a real CSL tune. Rapists.

The CSL software from EAS and Vodyk makes SMG insanely fast and gives a hard lock up. A 100% must for any SMG owners. Every new NABMW SMG software "update" softens, slows and degrades the SMG tune your car came with to save on wear and tear and perhaps the sub frame. I dont know.

I was livid when BMW told me they could not reverse their last update. My SMG was like a wet noodle by then.

Then I got the real deal. Super crisp and fast (really fast) shifts and much harder lock up in S5 and S6 (DSC off). Something like 3800 RPM launch too instead of wimpy 2500 with which my car nosed over so bad it was embarrassing.
Warning. Repeated launches will prematurely wear your clutch. I THINK normal EURO software has 30 of those high RPM launches allowed on one clutch until the brain is cleared when a new clutch is installed. I dont know about the CSL software which is even faster than the Euro tune. Ask your SMG tuner if that feature can be disabled if you want.

Realize that in every day driving the SLOWER lock ups S1. S2 A1 A2 (Automatic mode....I think it is actually called D1, D2 etc) are terrible for your clutch since they SLIP and slow the lock up! I use those settings all the time, but sparingly in say rush hour stop and go traffic or when Grand Ma is in the car, I will use A1 that starts in second gear from a stop. I call it rightfully so, "The Lexus Mode".

Sorry for long post and extra info but MANY guys are SMG knowledge ignorant. Very common. Dont feel bad.

I recommend a GOOD aftermarket clutch. Talk to South Bend Clutch with your needs. They rock. I never realized how poor my stock clutch was (to with stand heavy, but not BRUTAL use) until I got a South Bend. I toasted my OEM disc AND my dual mass flywheel in 30k miles. Only the last 2k was with 440HP. It was on its way out at 28K miles!
Launches. burn outs, drag strip a few times. Uh, yes. Guilty. So, I guess the life span was normal for circumstances... Way off topic. Rambling. Sorry. I'm bored. But the info is accurate and should be useful to many.

I would like to think all this was of some HELP to SMG owners!

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