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Originally Posted by Rubenk View Post
Brad it sounds like you had some good runs! Glad to hear you still get to enjoy the car.

Nothing new here, still wanting another car, but not sure what to get.
She's still for sale and sadly it looks like it will be sold for sure sooner or later. I've realized though that I'm so young when it comes to this stuff. Most guys I see that take this hobby as serious as I did are in their 50's. So I still have plenty of time, just gives me a reason to work harder in my professional life.

Wait till I get home and we can go halfskies on a baller kart or one of these (pic attached).

Originally Posted by Andy2108 View Post
Good to hear. I hopefully I get to go to the DE at Hallet. I met a guy in the parkinglot of the KC Sporting stadium last night with a BMWCCA sticker and he asked If I'd be there. Test drove a E93 M3 too. Was a big heavy thing, but sounded nice and was fast enough. I drove like over 200 miles yesterday... and I'll just leave this here

You would love hallet, you should go if you can. Hallett will teach you about the importance of giving up some speed on some turns to be faster through more important ones. Plus the elevation change is a blast. After getting my gears I always wondered how much more fun it would be at Hallett having 4.10's to pull you up the hills.
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