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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
The engine seems pretty bullet proof. Well maintained is good and honestly, I think your PO would have had to have been an idiot to do something that would affect the lifters. Having the correct oil seems to help a lot of this.

Pulleys will also make raspy sounds intermittently...check belt condition and make sure the tensioners are holding belt flat between pulleys.

And to clean things up generally, Techron--the only additive my car has seen.
I listened to the noise early this morning after getting to work. No rattle/knock on morning start up - only after sitting for an hour or so. The noise cannot be a lifter collapsing. That would be more of a tapping sound. This is more like a chain rattling until the tensioner does what it is supposed to do. Takes from 1/2 to one second for it to stop.

I will definitely check belt tensioners but is there a timing chain tensioner that could cause this? Or is this the classic Vanos rattle I hear so much about?
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