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1. Red Onions (White or Vidalia are always better IMO...they still have great flavor but do not explode your tastebuds).

2. Cilantro

3. Mayonnaise and "the other mayonnaise" (If I had the Delorean I would go back in time to the person who invented it and would kill them...that's how much I hate mayo).

4. Margarine (stop being cheap and buy the facking real thing!)

5. Cheap fish (think Pollock or Cod)

6. Brussels Sprouts

7. Sweet Potatoes (so sue me...)

8. McDonalds...the entire freaking restaurant

9. Large Crab Legs and Lobster (gimme Maryland Blue Crab all day long over that overpriced under-flavored crustacean of a rip-off)

10. Expensive food at a cheap restaurant (it's a conundrum...they just should stop doing one will buy it).

11. Arugula Salad (it tastes like bad dirt unlike Iceberg or Romaine. I think it's flat out disgusting and overpowering).

12. Olives (have you ever smelled an olive??? Oddly, I love Olive oil)

13. Sardines

14. 70/30 Ground Beef (Oh the HORROR...just try an cook that gelatinous pile of cow fat... why not be a little healthier and buy 93/7 for everything [minus burgers which really do need 80/20 or 85/15])

15. Soured Milk (it's wrong not because it is in of itself sour but because it tricks you into believing it isn't sour!)

16. Reheated fried food (it's an atrocity, please don't do it...leftovers have a threshold they have to pass to be edible...reheated fried food should be illegal).

17. Cherries (I dunno why but I really don't like eating cherries. I'm in the superminority on this one).
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