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Just finished, pretty crushed by the results. Seems what I felt was all in my head/ I was fooled by part throttle position tweaks.

Car made 195 whp on its best run with the epic tune. About 2-3whp more than the best non tuned run.
No more low end power either, in fact on one run the stock tune made more.

The only possibility that I'm hoping for is that the guy running the dyno who is a pretty well known import (not BMW) tuner mentioned the extreme whistle that my car has above 4000 rpm. I thought it was from my throttle spacer but he said it was definitely a whistle from an exhaust with a lot of restriction.

I'm hoping that my car is just bottlenecked right now and the tune is not able to be a factor.

Graphs to follow later tonight when I get home.
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