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Originally Posted by mattyschwarz1 View Post
are the morimoto h1's the best ones to buy if you're looking to convert? i'm looking to do the retrofit, no p46's for me, or are the fxr ones best? i'm always on the retrofit website but sorta get confused with the amounts of options haha never quite sure which ones to order for my 2003 325ci.

FXR is the best but requires trimming, etc.

Originally Posted by dmax View Post
Thanks for this, Jake!

I'm still confused, though. I have halogens. So the only safe way for me to get brighter lights is replace housings for ones with projectors and then I can add HIDs...(and then I need to add auto-leveling?)...or is there just nothing more I can do?

I don't want to blind anyone, of course.

Anyway, Jake, I do remember your telling me to just leave them the way they were when we met, so didn't mean to doubt you...though, in my defense, no one is perfect, and new solutions do come out.
You will keep the headlights that you have, the halogen ones. The only thing you are doing is popping in projectors and the bright bulbs. It is plug and play and reversible.

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Solidjake- PLEASE, Tell people not to clean the mirror housings as the chrome wipes away! Learned that the hard way.. Thx
Sure will!
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