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Surprise! LoL I hate buying a car unseen, and that is why. I am the only mechanic I trust, and I wouldn't even trust me if I were someone else. The OEM water pump will last about 100,000 miles, you can go with one of those. I hope by "The good ish" you mean the BMW certified fluids. Castrol TWS is the only oil that's up to the task for that 3.2L. You may want to have the Sub Frame checked out... As far as the SMG, you'll need to do a soft reset when you first drive the car since the previous owner (from hereout referred to as dipshit) was running larger rims on it. Also you will want to get in touch with someone who has the GT1 software so you can get a complete scan of all the vehicles modules. You can even have the software upgrades done.

Congrats on your first ///M. Hopefully dipshit didn't mess it up too bad on you. Have a safe trip home and enjoy your car. Hit me up if you ever run into any SMG issues.
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