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Originally Posted by FadeToblack View Post
I often wonder if that many lawyers are needed? Do they make as much money as people think they do? I mean how much money is there to go around if there is an office on every corner...


Business and Law degrees are everywhere, and don't make the same kind of money they did in the old days.

Engineers and Medical staff are sitting pretty, as they are contributing to society, not suing it. That and everybody's parents told them to go to law school or get a degree in creative dance as it "makes them happy", hence you have the president standing up asking people "stop fvcking around we need more engineers". Keep going to law school, we don't have enough of them.

FWIW I can count on two hands the number of attorneys I know. A lot of them hate it because the act of being a lawyer is typically a predatory profession.

I'm the youngest Engineer I have ever worked with, next youngest are a pair of 28 year olds, everyone else is older.

Stay outta STEM guys, more money for me.

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