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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
Mango, I'm relentlessly telling people that typically rotors can go two sets of pads. I'd read many, many threads on this just the same as you, and I'm also quite confident in my measurement of the thickness of my rotors.

They're worn from the first mile, but mine won't be worn out until they're through the second set of pads.

You don't tell people to flush coolant every year. It wouldn't hurt, but it's not necessary.

You make it sound like I'm suggesting something dangerous or stupid or both. Just want the OP to be informed, especially when up against a 'dealer tech' recommendation. His rotors could be worn...they might have had three sets of pads on them already...IDK. I'm not saying he should slap pads on...just that he can measure the rotors.
OEM/OE-quality rotors are too cheap not too replace. We're talking a new set every 5 years (or whenever the pads wear). That's $120 every 5 years or $2 a month.You don't want to pony with your brakes. Doing so is ponying with your life.

Coolant should be replaced every two years. See electrolysis.
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