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I have to say that it'd be hypocritical for me to block him as I'm a barely recovering egotistical troll myself. I've been working hard at hiding the egotistical side, but truth is, once I 'came out' as a comic, sort of have to face facts...that I must be egotistical to think I'm funnier than most! Also, if 'they' took away trolling from me (and many others) then there'd be practically no value at all for me to pretend to help people out!

Also, I do have to say that mango really doesn't troll that much. I think his record is better than most here for helping people. And finally, I have to say that I know with me, day in and day out of saying the same thing over and over again, I understand how the disease 'Fanaticitis' takes hold. It's gripped me many times myself, but usually a hard troll fixes me right up!

Remarkably, in all my time here, I've only considered blocking one person, but I haven't as I want to help him when he brings his car into General! If I say something totally crazy to someone, just let it slide please...I'm doing G-ds' work!

Ninja edit: you're right that rotors are relatively cheap...but I'm cheaper! Just give me a decent excuse!
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